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A new start

And so, impactiviti is born.

I’m now on my own. Being creative. Feeling excited. And enjoying a bit of naive optimism! Confident that, however this business evolves, I can add value to my clients.

The ideas, the goals, the perspectives that have led me to form my own business have been gestating for many years. Having accomplished all that I could in my prior position, I did a lot of due diligence re:other opportunities, but couldn’t escape the conviction that the due date for building impactiviti was NOW.

I don’t know how much I’ll share on this blog about the process of starting up a consulting practice in life sciences training. One thing I will share, however, is what I believe is my prime set of “deliverables.” Knowledge. Resources. Clear thinking. And a dash of humor (particularly on Fridays, starting later in August)!

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