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A Pharma Marketing Assortment Pack

Physican on-line network Sermo about the AMA: Wow – Sermo polled the 100,000 US physicians in our community as to what they thought of the AMA.  Within five days, over 4,100 US physicians voted on the poll and discussed it in over 700 comments.  The results were nothing short of  stunning – 89% of those physicians say, “the AMA does not speak for me”. Check out this visual also.

Did you know about, an on-line clinical resource for healthcare? I didn’t either until this week.

Adverse Event Reporting and Dialogue in Pharma Social Media. This is an important point to think through – often made out to be a much bigger problem than it really is.

The Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki. It just keeps getting better. Want to find out what’s happening in social networking? – here’s your starting point.

Deloitte takes a fresh look at the Pharma Sales and Marketing model (Asia).

White Paper – Patients Rising: How to Reach Empowered Digital Health Consumers (from Kru Research)

Pharma Search Engine rankings – in need of a fix. Interesting analysis from Dose of Digital blog.

FDA – Waking up with more warnings?

Measuring Return on Involvement.


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