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About Steve Woodruff

sw-head-shotSteve Woodruff is Founder and President of Impactiviti. He’s sometimes called the Mayor of pharmaceutical sales training.

Steve has decades of experience consulting with numerous life sciences companies on training solutions, including technology platforms and global applications. Having consulted on the design and implementation of many types of learning initiatives, (workshops, pre-launch training, printed modules, on-line tutorials, assessments, webcasts, etc.), for a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies, Steve brings a broad industry perspective to clients as new training activities are planned.

He is also the author of the book Clarity Wins, a recent Amazon best-seller. Steve’s half-day/full-day workshops on Communications, Collaboration, Vendor/Project Management, and Leadership Networking (based on Clarity principles) are very popular with Life Sciences clients.

Steve is the father of 5 young men (all now taller and much more handsome than he is!) and lives with his wife of 40 years in the historic town of Franklin, TN. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, back when computers still ran on punch cards.


m: 201-323-4660

“Steve brings great value to his clients by providing them with his tremendous insights from both a strategic and a tactical perspective. His years of experience and his wide range of customers provides him with a great perspective that he is able to apply to virtually any challenge in the commercial world of pharmaceuticals. Yet, even with all the knowledge he brings forward, his best attributes are his character and integrity. I have always known him to focus on the best interests of his clients even if it doesn’t work to his immediate advantage.” -Leadership Consultant

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