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Are You In Compliance?

Compliance training – it feels like a necessary evil. It doesn’t have the cachet of iPad rollouts or the intellectual stimulation of new product training.

But, like brushing your teeth, everyone’s gotta do it!

In discussions with a vendor/partner this week, we talked about the growing demand for reps to be credentialed (demonstrated training in certain areas important to, say, a medical facility/hospital) in order to get access. We discussed the pending Sunshine Act requirements, and various state requirements for training and disclosure.

As they say on Facebook, it’s complicated.

As I spend a couple of months talking with clients and vendors about what’s top of mind for pharma training, compliance is never far away. But the mix of internal vs. vendor-created solutions varies greatly, the relative responsibilities of compliance folks and (sales) training folks have some grey areas between the black and the white.

What is your company doing to improve compliance training? Who are great outside service providers? What questions do you have, or what challenges are you facing? I realize that on a public blog you may not be able to attach your name to a comment about internal stuff, but feel free to drop me an e-mail ( or call me (973-947-7429) and let’s see if we can use our network to safely and anonymously share best practices and resources.

And, yes, that is my eye up there. It may be scarier-looking than Hurricane Irene!

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