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Digital Pharma Wed. Morning 2

This will be a stream-of-bullet-points (with some related commentary) on this conference on the use of digital technologies in pharma marketing. Session #2-

Victor Alino, Senior eMarketing Manager, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (Oncology). Using Web 2.0 and ePharma as a BUSINESS TOOL

– (dense slide verbiage and death-by-bullet point warning!)

– (pedantic and overly basic warning!)

– (social media is all about engagement. This is a slide-reading lecture)

– Comparison of Web 1.0 and 2.0 methods – good slide, need more time to digest that one

– Global growth of social networking sites. (OK, good data, but how tied to healthcare use?)

– Why companies are adopting web 2.0 technologies. This is plain vanilla info.

– (Still trying to find a genuine takeaway here…)

– 250 names on one slide! Plus, an incomprehensible flow diagram.

– I have officially tuned out. Next!

– 5 key takeaways that are amazingly basic. Speaker isn’t even sure what he meant by point 5!

– End with over-long video – lots of folks taking a “Blackberry” break!

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