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ePharma Summit Day 2

Here is the agenda for today’s sessions, with a list of all speakers/details (so I don’t have to reproduce it and risk carpal tunnel syndrome). You can also see a running list of Twitter posts on Shwen Gwee‘s Med 2.0 blog.

Thought Leader forum – Integration, Scale, ROI – What Really Matters? (by title, this sounds like a real grab-bag!) Moderator: Paul Ivans, Evolution Road

(I’ll just list out interesting and salient points and factoids as they come up).

Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research Inc., Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic: Everything YOU need to know about interacting with patients

Panel: Motivating Healthy Behavior to Engage Consumers and Physicians

Christopher Schroeder, CEO/President, The Health Central Network – Embracing Risk-taking and Innovation

Driving Policy/Guidelines around the use of Social Media in Pharma (panel discussion – Marc Monseau, Fabio Gratton, Fard Johnmar, Robert Goldberg)

John Mangano, Senior Director, comScore – Benchmarks for the Pharma Industry

Panel discussion: Medscape, Microsoft, Omnimedix – Health 3.0 coming?

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