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Every Brain Will Tell You: Get To The Point

You “feel” this graphic, don’t you?

Here’s why: you are human. And the human brain craves simple, direct clarity.

Not confusion. Not ambiguity. Not TMI. Clarity.

It’s brain science, actually. Every human brain has a gatekeeper, a marvelous biological filtering mechanism called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). And the RAS wants one thing, very quickly – a clear signal. Immediate relevance. THE POINT.

If we don’t gain attention by engaging the RAS in the first few moments, we lose – plain and simple. That’s why ALL communication skills MUST start at the very beginning point – getting through the RAS* and earning that scarcest commodity of all, attention.

It’s a noisy, distracting world. Increasingly, the art of getting to the point will be one of your most important professional skills.

How to get to the point – and how to get your point across – is the main theme of my Clarity workshops. If you’re in Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Training or any other discipline (apart from gardening in a monastery – no monks have felt the need to take my courses yet), the Clarity Formula is for you.

Steve Woodruff conducts virtual and live workshops and offers on-line resources for learning how to apply the Clarity Formula to your professional life. Contact Steve here.

* Here’s a vital hint: everyone’s RAS is tuned to only one radio station, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). When you begin your communication with focused relevance, you win.

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