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Fabulous Friday 11_19

Let’s glance at some cool stuff that’s been happening this week:

Could a high-tech gel reverse paralysis due to spinal cord injury? This is bleeding-edge and slightly mind-blowing, in a very cool way.

Preventive nasal vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease being tested in Boston. Early days, of course, but potentially amazing.

Next stop for mRNA – heart failure? (Moderna and AstraZeneca)

Pfizer’s new COVID treatment pill moves closer to the marketplace.

Fresh job openings posted at the LTEN site:

Impactiviti’s (annual blog post) summary of last week’s LTEN conference – Rocky Mountain “Hi!!”

>> I’ve been known to give some professional networking tips over the years. Here’s a great one from an unexpected source, The Princess Bride.

That’s it for this week – have a fabulous weekend!

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