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There’s no shortage of training vendors out there. It’s a crowded (and noisy!) marketplace, and after a while, they all seem to sound the same — right?

In fact, the number of agencies, boutique companies, and consultants seems to grow constantly. So — how do you find the “best-fit” partner for your training needs?

Your source for knowledge and connections

Easy. Call Impactiviti. With over 24 years of experience in life sciences training, Impactiviti is your source for knowledge and connections.

“Steve is really the eyes and ears of the industry.” – Head of Oncology Training

Our job is to know the vendor/partners and determine where they do their best work. Then, we make targeted recommendations of the right provider(s) to you, the life sciences trainer. Free of charge (Impactiviti works on a referral-fee-basis with vendor/partners).

Training departments find the right partners. Vendors find work that is in their “sweet spot”. Everybody wins.

People are talking

“Steve does a great job of first understanding client needs, and then matching the right training provider. We were very happy with the people and firms he recommended, using them for programs on a repeat basis. His approach, network, and knowledge of the Pharma industry provides a high degree of value in any contact. He has great expertise in working with vendors and will help you avoid the big mistakes!” – Director of Training

“For years, I felt like I had a strong and unique offering. One problem: I did not know what the real value was and I struggled mightily to explain to clients and prospects. I needed someone with industry insight and an objective eye to help me craft the right strategy and approach. After going through Steve’s process and gaining real “clarity,” I have a new sense of purpose with my business as well as a renewed energy and passion for our work.” – Training consultant

Find the training provider you need — fast

What kind of training providers are part of the Impactiviti network?

Whatever kind of provider you are looking for — we can find it through the wide reach of the Impactiviti network!

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