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Communication skills. Collaboration skills. Vendor Management. Leadership in a networked environment. Effective, clear communications are vital for leaders, marketers, trainers, sales professionals – everyone!

Team players built here

While trainers are often given a crash-course in some of the basics such as facilitation and presentation skills, one area of continual need is how to execute in a collaborative environment.

That is why Impactiviti offers unique, targeted training on these collaborative, operational skills so important to corporate success.

“Steve is a very professional, knowledgeable and detail-oriented business partner. We worked with Steve to create and deploy a very successful Vendor/Project Management course. This was a good example of Steve’s ability to understand the needs of a client, work collaboratively and execute effectively. I would not hesitate to work with Steve in the future.” – Senior Director, Commercial Training and Development

“Steve has served as a great partner in the creation of our department onboarding program, and the feedback to date has been outstanding. He closely worked with the team on creating an effective communication plan that tremendously helped us out! Steve has also had many 1:1 sessions with me to help decipher future opportunities for needs with the team. He truly has been a partner throughout, and I value getting his input and expertise.” – Manager of Operations, Field Force Learning and Development

Impactiviti provides both live and online versions of workshops to equip trainers in needed skills development for collaboration – not only for their tenure in T&D, but for their entire corporate experience.

Let’s get started

Contact Steve Woodruff to receive an outline of his suite of live and virtual workshops for commercial organizations, and to discuss your other training development needs.


m: 201-323-4660

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