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How Can You Fix Bad Meetings?

How many times – I know you can’t give me a number, because it’s too many – have you sat through a wandering, aimless meeting, just begging the clock to move faster so you can get on to something…productive?

I thought so. Lots of zeros on that number!

Here’s my diagnosis; see if you agree. Most unproductive meetings occur because the leader does not have a clear purpose and plan – or if he/she does, the group doesn’t know what it is. Right?

It’s Aimless Meeting Disorder, and it’s an immense drain on productivity and morale.

The solution is simple: employ a three-fold clarity structure (Meetings That POP) that will always provide a productive flow for any meeting:

  1. Purpose – why are we having this meeting, and what is the desired outcome?
  2. Obstacle(s) – what challenges are we facing?
  3. Plan – what specific steps are we now going to take?

In all collaborations, including meetings, we must begin with the end in mind.

Human beings respond well to clarity, and react poorly to confusion. I help my clients learn these principles and best practices in my Communication/Collaboration Clarity workshops. Contact me for more information on how you can make a major impact on fixing those bad meetings – in less than a day!

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