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“I Hate Her Uterus!”

It’s the pathos that does it.

EMD Serono has released a striking DTC campaign, on the theme of infertility – specifically, encouraging couples struggling with the problem to see a doctor and “increase your chances” [EMD Serono makes various products for infertility treatment].

Before you read on, I’d encourage you to go to the site and just watch one of the mini-videos (I like the Jane video best, where the friend’s uterus is hated). It won’t take long to watch the others as well.

Yes, your first reaction to the Bird-and-Bee costumes, and the music, may make you think it’s all hokey. But watch. And see if the use of humor, sarcasm, and the depiction of raw relational emotions doesn’t pull you right in.

It’s very effective storytelling. And soon, you’re rooting for this fictional-but-somehow-very-real couple to succeed in getting pregnant. Because they’re portraying a genuine medical and marital problem, in a way that makes you feel the pain as well.

Unlike a lot of unrealistic and non-engaging 60 second DTC drug ads, this approach brings humanity to the fore, with just the right mix of emotional reality and humor. Probably most of us know couples in this situation – does this type of approach have the potential to help break down barriers and relieve isolation?

Let’s think about this for a bit. By themselves, the video stories are compelling – but if we think about other web and social media platforms, how could this be extended into even deeper levels of effectiveness? Could a year-long web-video “story” of this couple be crafted, with a successful outcome at the end? Could a community of people suffering with this condition be formed, catalyzed by this video? How might you take this on-line storytelling motif and use social media to expand it and help more couples?

The comments are yours….let’s brainstorm!


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