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Instead of the usual digest of news items, today, a long-overdue rant, triggered by this blog post by Rich Meyer. The phrase I’m going to key in on:
    You can’t rotate people into an eMarketing role and expect them to develop cutting edge digital strategies because by the time they learn it’s already changing.

For years, I’ve seen how pharma companies “rotate” people through both marketing and training, and the deleterious effects this has on both disciplines.

Sure, I understand the rationale from the talent development side. But Training and Marketing are disciplines. They require long-term thinking, long-term commitment, and acquisition of skills both broad and deep.

Having worked extensively on both the eLearning and eMarketing side of the equation over many years,  one of the most difficult barriers I’ve faced to adoption of new technologies is this “18-months-and-I’m-on-to-my-next-job” mentality. How can anyone put in place a long-term plan that will do the company and its audiences the most good, when the premium is placed on short-term performance?

As I have labored, with others, to try to inject a long-term perspective into the thinking of pharma about social media, this is one of the biggest roadblocks. Effective use of social networking should be viewed with a 3-5 year horizon. You can build a sand castle in a day. But what we need is long-term architects.

And don’t get me started on the pervasive ill-effects of reporting quarterly (short-term) numbers to Wall Street.

Short-term thinking is one of the banes of business these days. It gives us companies like Enron. What we need is some courageous leadership that wants to do what’s right, not just what’s expedient or expected.

Rant over.


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