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AstraZeneca’s experimental drug may bring serious competition to Plavix – AstraZeneca‘s new pill Brilinta for preventing heart attacks works better than Plavix, the world’s second biggest selling drug, without increasing the amount of life-threatening bleeding, researchers said on Sundaymore

B-I‘s new drug Praxada poised to finally provide an alternative to warfarin – Patients at risk of stroke due to an erratic heartbeat should soon have a viable alternative to 50-year-old warfarin, after a new pill from Boehringer Ingelheim beat expectations in a major clinical studymore Plus, new B-I drug for COPD is looking promising.

Encouraging results for Angiomax in cardiac mortality/survival study – The Medicines Company today announced the publication of one-year results from the landmark HORIZONS-AMI Trial. The trial showed that patients who had suffered the most severe form of heart attack and received angioplasty were significantly less likely to suffer cardiac death and had significantly better overall survival if treated with Angiomax (bivalirudin) compared with those treated with heparin plus a platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor (GPI)more

FDA to Allos: not so sure about your lymphoma data – Food and Drug Administration reviewers, in a summary prepared for an advisory panel, said their two issues with Allos’ application were “the clinical significance of tumor response and duration of response” as well as “whether the benefit:risk ratio is favorable” for Folotynmore


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Couldn’t stop myself from including a link to this press release – can you discover what in the world the product being discussed is for? Neither can I…


Turn up your speakers, sit back for a minute or two, and just enjoy this remarkable video. Rain.

On a personal note: Next week one of my sons joins the Marines. Some thoughts from a proud Dad.


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