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Whew! The back-to-back conference marathon is now over, and we can get back to our regular pharma news reporting. Here’s what’s up today…


Everyone’s talking about the Zetia/Niaspan study – its results, its significance, its limitations. Bottom line – I can’t see how this can be good for Merck. More here. And Jim Edwards analyzes the damage control spin effort here.

Always a headline topic: female sexual desire treatments. The more you read about this drug (experimental ‘flibanserin’ from Boehringer-Ingelheim), however, the more you wonder if the purported effect will be worth the expense and the side effects.

BMS pushing Mead-Johnson out of the nest. It is amazing to me how drug companies cycle through periods where they diversify, then spin divisions off…

Novartis: half a dose of H1N1 vaccine may be enough. Now that’s how to increase vaccine supply!

If you’re going to blow the whistle, I guess it’s important to get on to the field of play! Whistleblower lawsuit against J&J dismissed.


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Is this drug a frog, or a prince? I dunno, but I like the picture…!



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