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“It’s the Network”

Verizon has been running a campaign of late depicting a massive crowd of their employees, there to provide service for every customer, under the phrase “It’s the Network” (my favorite is a recent TV spot with a loner biker pulling away from a middle-of-nowhere diner).

It’s not a bad campaign idea, actually – a way to distinguish your company in what is increasingly – at least on the surface – a commodity market (phones and phone/date service).

Then today I realized…they’re actually expressing one of the main “selling points” of my consulting business. When you talk over your training needs with me, you’re not just tapping into my expertise – you’re tapping into the vast and growing network of providers, consultants, and industry practitioners that I’ve built, and continue to build. Since vendors typically have their own narrower frame of reference, and folks in other companies may be limited in the extent of their experience (and perhaps a bit limited in what they can reveal to “outsiders”), that makes it hard to find a breadth of expertise for a training challenge.

That’s why there’s Impactiviti. Expertise…and, of course, the network!

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