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Job Opening: Account Manager

I have a vendor/partner who is looking for an experienced, highly reputable Account Manager to help grow business in existing pharmaceutical client (training/communications) accounts.

This is mainly an “outside” account manager position – you’re spending lots of time in the client space growing existing relationships, making new contacts, and facilitating communications and service. It is not a project manager position, nor is it a sales (go out and hunt for new accounts) role.

The successful candidate already has a history of successfully doing this kind of work. You have a proven track record of satisfying clients and deepening/broadening business relationships with commercial pharma clients. You work independently and know how to manage time, tasks, and relationships with minimal supervision.

Description & Details

Role Summary:

The Account Manager (AM) is responsible for managing active client business, mainly in the realms of sales training and internal communication programs for pharmaceutical and biotech clients. The successful AM will serve as key client communications interface for new business and overall customer satisfaction. Strategic thinking, knowledge of life sciences training methodology and a proactive, outgoing, and ethical disposition are indispensable. The successful AM is expected to identify new business opportunities with assigned clients and assist in the preparation and response to Requests for Proposal (RFP’s). The AM is responsible for growing the business footprint within existing clients.

Responsibilities and Duties:

A.S.K. (Ability/Skills/Knowledge):


Disqualifiers (the Do Not Apply section): You don’t currently, or haven’t previously, worked on the vendor/agency side serving pharma clients. You think the term “pro-active” refers only to some kind of skin cream. You’ve never worked in a fast-moving and entrepreneurial environment. You don’t like people. You live in northwest Wisconsin and once took antibiotics so that must be close enough.

How to apply: E-mail your resume and a cover letter to jobs(at) Do not make phone calls to follow-up, or send e-mails regarding status. You will be contacted if you are under active consideration.

(P.S. – those in the Impactiviti “Inner Circle” who know of potentially great candidates are welcome to contact me directly)

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