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Keep Your Limbs to Yourself!

Every day, 225 diabetics will undergo a lower limb amputation. That’s the equivalent of a 747 full of passengers crashing every day. Of those 225, 30% will require a second amputation within three years and 50% of those 225 will die within five years of that first amputation.

Yet, it seems like no one is blogging about this silent killer — Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN).  Of all diabetes complications, foot disease is the leading cause of hospitalization.

Join the folks from Pam Labs (disclosure: client of a friend) on Tuesday June 28th at 8pm ET in an exclusive, invite only 20-minute webinar where DPN will be discussed:
    DPN: Exactly how big is the problem? The stats, the facts, and a few key infographics
    Challenges and Unmet Needs of DPN sufferers
    Signs / Symptoms and Clinical Impact
    Current Therapeutic Strategies
    Introduction to an Emerging Therapeutic Approach
You can register to attend via this link

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