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LTEN Tip: Asking The ONE Question That Will Make You A Great Networker

For over 30 years, I’ve been a business networker. Off-line, on-line, in groups, one-on-one – my entire business model is networking (despite being an introvert, btw). That’s why they call me the Mayor of LTEN.

So, if I had to distill it all down to a SINGLE best practice – something that will make anyone a fantastic networker…well, here it is. I call it “storyasking.” You can apply this single question technique with the next person you meet today, and I guarantee you will love the result:

Everyone wants to tell their story; you just need to open that door and be a listener. By storyasking, you’ll create the potential for a rich and enjoyable discussion. Which may lead to a wealth of opportunities as you cultivate each new friend in your network.

So, when you meet me, ask me for my story (if I don’t ask for yours first!)

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