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LTEN Tip: Finding a Vendor Sweet Spot with One Question

Ahhh, the conference exhibit hall – crowded, noisy, and hard to tell all those vendors apart. Right?

I know the drill. I’ve been in the LTEN exhibit hall for 23 years. Lots of vendors, lots of messages that start to all blur into one another.

Don’t despair. Here’s a little hint to help you discover what any vendor does best.

Every provider company has a sweet spot. Most can do a handful of things, but they excel in one or two. My clarity consulting practice, and my book Clarity Wins, all grew out of that need for finding (and articulating) a company’s differentiating offering.

So, just think of the exhibit hall as a treasure hunt game. You get to ask the right questions to unlock the answers. And if you still have questions about the vendor landscape, just ask the Mayor (that’s me). I’m happy to provide a roadmap for you.

BONUS VIDEO: If you’re a vendor, here’s my advice to you:

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