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LTEN Tip: Keep it Simple (Avoid TMI and Brain Overload)

Let’s face it – our brains are overloaded from morning to night. The very last thing we need (or can handle) is more More MORE information.

Simplicity gets through. Complexity leads to shutdown.

TMI = Too Much Information. We need to avoid it, by being clear and simple. Here’s how:

Whether composing an email, leading a meeting, or delivering a course, we have to constantly streamline and crystallize, lest we lose the interest of our audience.

Our biggest competition is the NOISE that surrounds all us. Become effective communicators and leaders depends on learning simple, clear, human-ready speech. TMI doesn’t inform, it overloads.

We don’t need to dump more information. What we need to do is provide clarity – simplified, vivid language that lights up the brain (instead of making it work harder).

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