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Maximizing (minimizing?) Powerpoint

I’ve always felt that overloaded Powerpoint slides are a very poor way to gain attention, make sales, and instruct an audience.

Here are some good – and very brief! – guidelines, from Sales and Marketing magazine:

Pass It On: Brevity Sells
March 26, 2007

“A lot of people confuse a PowerPoint presentation with a report,” packing too much information onto too many slides, says Michael McLaughlin, principal at Mindshare Consulting, a business consultancy in Portland, Ore. Want more compelling PowerPoint slides? Then keep the following in mind.

Less Is More

Keep text to a minimum—a few words on a slide is plenty. The emphasis should be on the salesperson, not the slide.

Pictures Are Powerful

Images often evoke a far greater response and remain in a prospect’s mind much longer than words.

Keep It Brief

The longer the presentation and the more slides flashed in front of an audience, the more likely they are to zone out as time goes on. Use the PowerPoint as more of a background piece to stimulate dialogue, rather than the centerpiece of your presentation.

Amen to all three points!

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