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Moving from Concept to Strategy

I’ve sat down with several training managers/directors in the past month, and a common theme has emerged. In each case, there were some great ideas about training projects that needed to get done – but help was needed to better define the project, analyze the current state, develop a strategy, and come up with an implementation plan. Some of these situations involved technology, others not, some required assistance with sourcing outside vendors, others were pure consulting needs – but in each case, there was a need to have some creative and organizational input on the front end, in order to gain better aim at a successful deliverable.

In none of these cases did I allow drool to escape my lips (not considered a “best practice”) as my mind immediately shifted into high gear and ideas began to flow. In fact, I talked today with a vendor/partner who was bemoaning the lack of definition and preliminary design that often goes into projects. This is the kind of challenge I love, and is one of the main reasons for starting Impactiviti!

If you’re considering kicking off a project and would like to have some outside expertise and creativity to help give it shape and clarity, give us a call…

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