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The No Bad Training Zone: Seek and you might Find

no-bad-training-ipod-sm.jpgToday, we’re talking interface – specifically, eLearning systems. Platforms.

You know the drill. You login to the corporate system. Then you land on an intranet. Then you have to find the training page (maybe there are multiple training pages for different roles). Then you have to look for what you’re supposed to do.

Why can’t you just login, and have all your “stuff” presented to you? Personalized, based on your role, your training record, and your assignments. Plus, all the other non-training stuff too – all in one interface?

Answer: bad system design. Maybe it’s just a poor interface. More likely, it is that combined with the fact that you have multiple systems “stitched” together that aren’t well-integrated, so learners have to click around and seek what they’re supposed to find.

That’s not user-centered design. If I’m a field user, I don’t want to have to keep clicking, visit multiple pages, and look under virtual rocks to see what I’m supposed to do. Inaccessible training is unprofitable training.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Some of the older, mega-enterprise software systems will never be user-centric. There are better learning/content delivery systems available now. Software should be configured for the user; users should not have to be conformed to bad software.

Maybe you have good training – just bad ways of getting to it. That’s a zone worth leaving!

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