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Nominating by e-mail!

No, this is not the latest method of voting in Florida! Actually, I’m seeking your input. A key piece of the Impactiviti business plan is lining up a network of best-in-class suppliers, a process that is well under way. However, I was reminded again this week that my best source of recommendations will be my colleagues in the sales training field. While meeting with a client, we were interrupted by a phone call, which turned out to be from a company that had an offering for which I have been (up to then, in vain) diligently searching.

So – do you work with any such companies? The kind that come to mind immediately, when someone asks for a recommendation? Glance at my prior post (“The good ones“) to see the profile of the right sort of supplier. And please let me know of any recommendations you may have by e-mailing me at stevew(at)

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