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I’ve talked to lots of professionals over the years about on-boarding new colleagues (particularly, training managers and brand managers).

There are commonly a couple of holes. Maybe you can think of others beside the two I’ll mention below:

1. Project/Vendor Management – this is such a huge lack that I give in-house workshops (see outline) to help new (and not-so-new) training managers learn best practices. Since these new hires typically come out of the field, they have no background and skills in this important area – and tend to learn by the costly trial-and-error method. The consequences are often quite disruptive, both to the department and to vendor/partners. In fact, I’ll be starting to give these as public workshops (4x/year) in conjunction with SPBT in the fall.

2. Brand Manager Launch – there are whole new sets of skills and practices needed for those who move over to the marketing side, and again, one of the common methods of on-boarding is a shove into the deep end of the pool. It can take 2 years to get someone competent in the basic skills – what if that could be dramatically reduced by a focused on-boarding/mentoring program for the first few months? I’ve recently helped a uniquely qualified consultant design such a business model because this is such a vast, and unmet, need.

What are some other on-boarding needs that you’re identified? I’m all ears (stevew at impactiviti dot com) – one of my goals is to keep finding gaps like this and providing solutions. Having a network where we share ideas and make targeted recommendations is our best way to elevate all of our professional endeavors!



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