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Parents and Pharmaceuticals

Hey, it’s a pharma blog, so I had to make a gratuitous reference to “pharmaceuticals” in the title. And, if you’ve been a parent for any length of time, some pharmaceuticals begin to look pretty darn attractive…

…but, this post is actually just about parenting. Many of us are on that adventure, which is quite a bit more important than the other stuff we do. So here are a few links for the parents among us:

Three Life Lessons I Learned from my Parents. The third, about the step-dad, will choke you up. Good stuff.

Being Good with Your Hands. I was invited to contribute to a blog called (believe it or not) This Mommy Gig. Gender balance, I guess. Anyway, about not trying to pre-program your child’s career choice.

SxSW – from the eyes of a 20-year old. Wait ’til you get to actually attend a professional conference with your own kid! Reflections from my son Nate (aspiring to a career in film) on the recent South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX.

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