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Personalized Outsourcing

One of the great leaps forward we’re seeing in healthcare is the emergence of personalized medicine. By sequencing the DNA genome, and determining which drugs will be a best “match” for the affliction, we increase the probability of an effective treatment.

Did you know that that approach works with choosing vendors, too?

When you call on Impactiviti to help you select optimal vendors, we invest the time (as an objective third-party) to get to know you and your challenges. Then we provide you with recommendations for one or more hand-selected vendor/partners based on your need. Since we only partner with top-notch providers, you increase your probability of successful outsource experience dramatically.

You pay nothing for this service (that’s right – no paperwork to fill out with your Strategic Sourcing folks – just call us!). Our partners pay a referral fee only if and when you are engaged in successful work together. Everyone wins.

Of course, you can still find vendors the hard way. But, is that the best use of your time when you still have a day job?

Instead, ask Steve!



Impactiviti is the Pharmaceutical Connection Agency. As the eHarmony of sales/training/marketing, we help our pharma/biotech clients find optimal outsource vendors through our unique trusted referral network. Need something? Ask Steve.

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