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Pharma eMarketing Round-up Feb 19, 2010

From Sally ChurchOnline video viewing accelerates – where is Pharma? Useful stats and a good question. And from the recent ePharma Summit – who is doing it best so far? (from Kevin Nalty and Clare O’Brien). PLUS – a free e-book, just made available by Kru Research Using YouTube for e-Patient Communications.

What is South by Social Health (SWSH)? A one-day event this spring – Fabio Gratton explains.

Wendy Blackburn thinks that Pharma eMarketing is (finally) Coming of Age.

How to Take Advantage of Social Media in Highly Regulated Environments.

Jon Richman asks on his Dose of Digital Blog – should you be involved in on-line monitoring?


Now, I have a question. Many pharma companies shy away from eMarketing/Social Media involvement and investments because of perceived risks. But now think about the drug development pipeline process – especially an example like this one. Can anyone REALLY argue that pharma doesn’t make long-term, chancy investments in hope of a possible but uncertain payoff in the future? And I must say – getting involved in on-line networking is a whole lot less risky, less costly, with much higher potential payoff, than many of these speculative pipeline ventures…

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