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Pharma News 2_08

Storm clouds for GSK and Avandia – loss of bone density with use of this drug for diabetes? (My question – is there any evidence one way or another whether this is a class effect with TZDs, or is it unique to Avandia?) But, good financial results for Glaxo as well, and expansion in R&D initiatives.

And while we’re on the subject of diabetes, some interesting background on the new DPP-4 inhibitor class, with more focus on Novartis’ upcoming Galvus drug (also discusses Januvia and Byetta).

Forbes has a good overview article on the current state of things at Genentech.

Great headline: Lab disaster may lead to new cancer drug.

Impactiviti welcomes some new additions to the pharma blogging space. Here’s a whole lot more about the growing pharma blogging space, including a survey (how does Impactiviti rate, in your opinion?)

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