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Pharma News 6_8

An Oncology News-fest, during ASCO week:

Genentech’s Avastin shown to be helpful for kidney cancer.

Bayer/Onyx’s Nexavar shows hopeful activity for liver cancer.

Pfizer’s still-experimental axitinib shows hopeful results with advanced thyroid cancer.

Sprycel creeping up on Gleevec as a potential first line treatment for leukemia.

Bristol’s experimental drug derived from African soil may delay progression of advanced breast cancer.

A hopeful early result for an experimental Pfizer drug for melanoma.

Celgene study of Revlimid in myeloma shows that lower steroid dose leads to better results.

Arsenic – another poison that’s good for you (in small doses!): Cephalon’s Trisenox with an impressive result for leukemia.

In the “let’s try to get some sanity to counter-balance screaming headlines” department, some take-a-chill-pill perspectives on the Avandia debate, and the Epo safety discussion. It is pretty interesting what a little attention to on-label usage might do…

J&J – possibly an important new advance against drug-resistant TB!

Finally, on the lighter side, a new wonder drug that just may end all the Big Pharma bashing!

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