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Pharma Social Media Twitter Chat Today

If you already know what a TweetChat is, just skip the next paragraph. If, on the other hand, you think I’ve just caught a strange disease, read on.

A TweetChat is a block of time – usually an hour – set aside for anyone on Twitter to “chat” about a specific topic. Usually there is one designated leader, and a specific pre-announced topic. Each tweet is appended with what we call in the Twitter universe a #hashtag, so that people can follow that stream of discussion separate from everything else going on in Twitter. It’s like a big, on-line cocktail party conversation. With me so far?

OK, so on Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 12 noon ET, there will be a chat about Pharma+Social Media, hosted by yours truly, Steve Woodruff, obscure-and-probably-best-left-that-way pharma social media progenitor. Hashtag: #SM78. People from the whole spectrum of interests participate in the @SocialMedia chats, so this is a good opportunity for my pharma Twitter compadres to help educate others about our industry.

To follow along (and participate!), you can go here:

or here:

starting at 11:55 am or so. Warning – if you’ve not done one of these chats before, the pace of information flow will get your blood pumping!

Now, as a special treat, a couple items to prime your discussion pump. First, if you’re not in the pharma marketplace (or other regulated industry), this helpful blog post by Abby Carr sketches out some of the challenges we all face.

Secondly this little video I created takes a more fun approach to the upside-down world of pharma social media (warning: if you are sipping coffee, you might snort it out your nose – just saying…):

Thanks to Marc Meyer and Jason Breed for inviting me to lead this chat (this is #78 in their #socialmedia chat series!)


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