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Preparing for SPBT – a Free Tool to Help You Get Ready (Trainers)

If you’re planning to attend the upcoming Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) conference next week, click here for a free tool to help your planning. This single-sheet .pdf file can help you make your time in the exhibit hall as valuable as possible.

Having worked on the “industry partner” side for over 10 years, I know that one of the biggest challenges in the conference exhibit hall is establishing clear communications and expectations between clients and vendors. And as a client, you can help yourself and any potential vendors by taking a few minutes, using this simple tool, to outline your upcoming training needs.

While it will only take you a few moments (in your office, on the plane, in the hotel…or during a less-than-engaging workshop!), this quick exercise will help you have very clear and focused communications on the exhibit floor.

And if you want to go over your upcoming needs in more detail, I can be reached via cell phone during the entire conference to set up a quick meeting – don’t hesitate to call for advice and recommendations (my contact info is on the form).

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