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Priming the Discussion: Social Media Biz Opportunities

Later this month, I’ll be leading an interactive discussion at the first “Social Pharmer” unconference – a gathering of folks exploring how social media fits into the pharmaceutical industry. Others who will lead sessions include Mark Senak, Josh Bernoff, Jack Barrette, Fard Johnmar, and Michael Parks. Shwen Gwee is ably orchestrating the event.

My session will focus on the Key Business Needs that can be Addressed NOW with Social Media. And that’s where I could use your help!

I am not going to go to the event to present conclusions, but to engage in a discussion. And I’d like to prime the discussion there by beginning the dialogue here and now.

What do YOU think are the best opportunities for pharma/biotech companies to begin utilizing social networking technologies? You may have consumer marketing ideas in mind, which is fine…but also, what are some other inward-facing or outward-facing areas that may be low-hanging fruit? Are there some applications with fewer legal/regulatory snares that ought to be discussed and explored?

Where are there intersections of low-risk, existing technology/community, and clear reward?

I’d really like to get ideas flowing before the get-together on April 21. Feel free to put some thoughts in the comments, or if you’d rather communicate privately, you can e-mail me (stevew [at] My hope is to have a fistful of ideas that will spark rich discussion at the gathering, and perhaps find ways to hasten adoption of networking approaches in this conservative market sector!

(for the record, I do believe that the pharma industry will embrace social media. I would like to see it hastened by identifying clear business applications NOW)

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