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Do you need a supplier to help with managed care training? I can give you some recommendations – just e-mail (stevew  at or call (973.947.7429) and I’ll be glad to talk over your needs.

Recently, I’ve been helping one client evaluate/clean up/improve assessment questions. Many suppliers and others who write questions don’t have adequate knowledge to do this right. Contact me for some resources to help get you on the right track.

Need help cleaning up your contact files?? Please, DO NOT call me! I’ve had enough on that one this week! (I think I’ve got it conquered…)

When we have a training need, Impactiviti is an excellent resource. Steve has helped us find vendors/partners for our training projects, even when there was no financial interest in it for him. I highly regard his great network of resources, and his readiness to help whenever I call.” from the Testimonial files.

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