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SBPT Preview – “Right-Sourcing” 101

Have you ever wrestled with the decision about when to outsource a training project or need. And, to whom? And, how to go about it?

Of course you have. And very few people in sales training positions have been trained in how to go about project definition, vendor selection, writing up RFPs (Request for Proposal), etc.

What is “Right-Sourcing“? In essence, it is selecting the right resources to do the job – some projects can best be accomplished with internal personnel, while many others need to be “outsourced” to vendor/partners. There are at least 10 major categories of training projects/needs that often are outsourced, and 6 key issues that you need to consider in the process (the first is the Goal – what’s the point?).

Once you know you need to outsource a project, how do you go about it? How can you clearly define the project scope, and what are the 4 major elements of an effective RFP?

At the upcoming SPBT conference, I will be co-facilitating a workshop on this topic (along with Angela Nicoletta of Novartis Pharmaceuticals). Join us during Workshop Period 4 (Wednesday, 9:45 am) for a practical and interactive workshop, and be far better equipped to successfully lead projects in your role as a training professional (and beyond). UPDATE – this workshop will also be repeated on Thursday morning!

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