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Setting You Up for Success

It’s safe to say that we all want to be set up for success – including the employees we manage.

And the best providers (vendors, consultants, etc.) want to set their clients up for success. Your success is their success.

Speaking of vendors – are you setting your department up for success when it comes to collaborating with outside providers?

After 20+ years in the life sciences commercial training marketplace, I’ve seen some great successes (and some dismal failures) when it comes to client-vendor relationships and projects. Many of the failures are avoidable, and can be traced to four basic practices:

  1. Selecting the wrong vendor for the project.
  2. Lack of clear definition of the project – goals, process, resources, deliverables.
  3. Lack of training on appropriate project management skills.
  4. Lack of collaboration skills working with internal and external (vendor) stakeholders.

By and large, people do not join our training departments with these skills already developed. That’s where Impactiviti comes in.

We set you, and your department, up for success by providing training and consulting services to implement best practices in vendor and project management.

Here are our unique offerings to set your department up for success:

So, call me and let’s talk (973-947-7429). There is no charge for discussing your training needs, or for receiving vendor recommendations. I can explain more about how that works when we talk.

Let’s set your people up for success!

Steve Woodruff, President, Impactiviti

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