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Social Media: The New Normal

How does the use of Social Media fit into a highly regulated industry like pharmaceuticals/healthcare?

With difficulty. At least initially. And trying to convince others often leads to plenty of resistance.

So here’s my advice: Don’t start with social media. Start with the much bigger trends, which are making social media inevitable.

It’s all outlined here: Pharma and Social Media – What’s the New Normal? This Slideshare explains that technology-fueled Trend Currents (not current trends!) are shaping society in such a way that the use of social media/networked communications is inexorable – and inevitable.

Social Media (or, as I prefer to more accurately call it, “Networked Communications”) is not some add-on to a marketing strategy. It is a pervasive fact of life, and these digitally-fueled forms of connecting people and information will continue to accelerate and impact how we do business.

If you are seeking to grow awareness in your company about Social Media and the pharma/biotech industry, Impactiviti provides specialized consulting services, as well as workshops for executives, marketers, and innovators to help fuel the business discussion.


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