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Social Pharmer: Immediate Social Networking Biz Applications?

On April 21 at 1:00 pm EST, I’ll be leading a discussion about where pharma companies can begin using social networking approaches NOW for clear business applications. And this blog post is appearing at about that time for those who cannot be in Boston for the event, but who’d like to participate via Twitter.

This discussion will grow off a solitary slide (below):

Given two main “buckets” of focus – either marketing applications, or corporate communications – what are the best starting points (the low-hanging fruit) for pharma companies? Which activities, and which platforms, can best be used for which audiences as the social media adventure begins?

Feel free to join the discussion via Twitter – share YOUR thoughts using the #SocPharm hashtag. The slide above will probably morph during the session, as it should – it’s meant to be a springboard.

UPDATE: should have thought to put “Wiki” under applications – great for internal comms/collaboration (see Pfizerpedia).

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