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Some Pharma Sales Training Links of interest

From PharmaVoice – free download of an article from a number of thought leaders on needed changes in the field sales model for pharma.

RepReview2007 – you can get this free article forwarded to you. Much of it is a keen grasp of the obvious, but for those needing to make a case for specific training initiatives (esp. Advanced Sales Training), there is some good data here.

From Jane Chin‘s blog, a quick summary of the quintessential competencies for a pharma sales professional.

Earlier this week, I published a blog post about this long and fascinating article describing the experience of one physician who (for a time) became a speaker for Wyeth (you’ll need 10 full minutes to read the entire article, and it’s worth it). Since then, Dan Carlat has decided to do some counter-detailing – you can read more here and also his summary of various reactions here.

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