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Some Pharma Social Media updates

I’ve come across a few interesting links this week touching on pharma eMarketing and Social Media; thought I’d pass them along for your perusal:

– J&J company releases BlackBag iPhone app – review here.Two thumbs up for this effort. Also, a quick review of J&J’s “lessons learned” in using social media thus far.

– Pfizer gets on board with a Twitter account. I recently met Ray Kerins, Global Communications Director over at Pfizer. Very impressed with the direction he and his staff are taking. And, on the topic of Twitter, here are the results of an interesting DTC Pharma-Twitter experiment recently conducted by Kru Research.

– Consultant Sally Church talks about the importance of “signaling” in market research. Good stuff.

– And, Jonathan Richman on The Future of pharma eMarketing. It’s NOT all social media!

That’s all for now! Hope to see you soon, perhaps at an upcoming event (here’s where I’ll be over the next few months).

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