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Speaking your Mind – and Paying the Price

The ever-controversial Peter Rost reported last week on a story about some very ill-advised comments made by an AstraZeneca RSD in an internal newsletter.

This story got huge exposure in the pharma blogosphere. It also got the unfortunate AZ guy fired.

Lots of links, but I’ll just make an additional link to BrandWeekNRx‘s take, which has an interesting angle, and contains the other links, including a graphic of the actual interview that caused the ruckus.

Understandably, there are a lot of folks upset about this mess at the AstraZeneca CafePharma board.

Lesson: There’s not a whole lot that we say or write anymore that is going to stay private. I’m all for speaking the truth. And for effective speech (whatever else might be the case, what the guy said was strikingly memorable!). But that doesn’t mean you should forget wisdom, in what you say, and how you say it! Time-to-exposure and time-to-repercussions seems to be getting very short these days!

[update – so, what should be done about this guy? Talk about someone who ought to be fired!]

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