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The No Bad Training Zone: Just the Facts

just-facts.jpgI was with a client this week, and we were brainstorming the design of some eLearning courseware.

As we talked over the course structure and instructional design, the course began to “take shape” in my imagination. But something was missing.

It’s very easy to focus on a solid logical structure and the right flow of facts. But that’s not a good learning experience; at least, not by itself. In fact, “just the facts” is a recipe for boredom.

I envisioned the (compliance-related) course opening with a rep introducing herself, and stating that she had just lost her job. Then telling why. Opening up the course with a story – a dose of reality to create engagement and show relevance.

Patient stories. Client stories. Colleague stories. Even personal stories. Facts and principles often make their way into our minds and hearts only through the vehicle of stories.

Does your training just tell the facts? Or are you telling a story that illustrates the facts?

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