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The Reset

It happens all the time. Like so many Lego blocks scattered on the floor, our message or our curriculum or our approach suffers from Wandering Accretion Syndrome (WAS). Over the months and years, so much stuff is added on, shoved in, and modified, and so many cooks have their fingers in the pie, that soon we have a mish-mash on our hands that has no recognizable blueprint.

Time for The Reset.

When consulting with my pharmaceutical training clients, it’s actually more the rule than the exception that departments end up in this position. Stuff everywhere with a no-longer-clear strategy. Technology platforms hodge-podged together. Roadmaps that are pretty decent up to the state line, then go off into oblivion when, like driving off the edge of the map, Phase 3 is completed.

We all need The Reset periodically. This is an area of consulting that we specialize in here at Impactiviti. Taking most of a day with you and your staff, taking a 30,000 foot level look, analyzing and brainstorming, and then drawing out a clearer map to go forward.

If you’re in need of a Reset because of changing conditions and (perhaps) an inherited hodge-podge, give us a call. We’ll guide you though a strategic renovation and blueprinting process.


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