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Today’s Top Three in Pharma 020509

Procter and Gamble to leave pharma? Procter & Gamble Co is working with Goldman Sachs Groupto identify potential buyers for its pharmaceuticals brands or find other ways to exit the business, people close to the matter said late on Wednesday, the Financial Times reported. Plus, Allergan the latest to announce job cuts.

Green tea blocks effectiveness of popular cancer drug. Wow. Contrary to popular assumptions about the health benefits of green tea, researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have found that the widely used supplement renders a cancer drug used to treat multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma completely ineffective in treating cancer.

Novartis gets back to #1 with Managed Care Pharmacy Executives. Novartis’ rebound to No. 1 with pharmacy executives can be attributed to a big win in the area of value-added services, taking the top spot away from Pfizer. One pharmacy executive said, “Novartis has strongly responded to a previous deficiency in this area.” Pharmacy executives considered Novartis a leader in value-added services due in large part to its successful patient education materials and staff support.

PLUS – J&J and Social Media. A recap on the Eye on FDA blog. And – Pharma earning back trust – it’s a long post, but well worth the read. It ain’t just a PR problem, folks…from John Mack‘s Pharma Marketing blog.


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