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Today’s Top Three in Pharma 021709

J&J tops out Barron’s list of Best Companies, for 2nd year in a row.

Generic competitors awake to Sepracor‘s LunestaDrug maker Sepracor Inc. said two competitors have filed applications to produce and market generic versions of its blockbuster sleep aid Lunesta.

An interesting use of new web technologies: Medpedia launches The Medpedia Project today announced the public launch of the beta version of a technology platform for the worldwide health community. Harvard Medical School, Stanford School of Medicine, Berkeley School of Public Health, University of Michigan Medical School and other leading global health organizations, are contributing in various ways to Medpedia. The goal of The Medpedia Project is to create a new model of how the world will assemble, maintain, critique and access medical knowledge. It will, over time, be a repository of up-to-date unbiased medical information, contributed and maintained by health experts around the world, and freely available to everyone.


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