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Today’s Top Three in Pharma 040609

Today, there doesn’t seem to be much “hard” news, but a slew of articles are out focusing on digital marketing. So, we’ll take an excursion in that direction….

The FDA, the “one-click” rule, and AdWords – warning letters from the FDA over the past few days shed some light on how they’re going to view “fair balance” with internet advertising. John Mack and Jonathan Richman give the details.

Creating the OAB market. Some interesting old Powerpoint from Pharmacia uncovered. Disease-mongering?? *

Seroquel marketing. Some rather uncomfortable stories come to light. *

Extensive summary of recent Pharma Digitial Marketing in Barcelona. Some good tidbits here.

Comparative effectiveness studies – more coming. “While it’s not a regulatory requirement, it’s become a market requirement,” he told the Health Blog, referring to companies conducting studies comparing their new drugs with others already on the market, “In the real world, if you haven’t done it, someone else will”

*when it comes to drug marketing, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s not much you can hide anymore. I’d really like to see pharma companies commit to top-to-bottom transparency and ethical integrity. But, absent that, forced disclosure will have to do. It’s a shame, isn’t it, when a whack on the side of the head has to be employed rather than a fairly straightforward and voluntary application of the Golden Rule?


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