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A Training Client Challenge in Leadership Development

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Here’s a challenge I recently discussed with a training professional tasked with heading up a leadership development program. I’d love your input.

This client – in a mid-sized pharma company – is assembling a leadership development program for field managers, especially for years one and two in the role.

The basic curriculum content is not an issue – there are a number of programs and workshops for this audience (Coaching, Influence, etc.). The client’s approach so far is to surround one in-house training phase with 2 virtual phases (before and after), using on-line delivery tools and virtual courses.

The major issue, however, is creating a structured, yet flexible, delivery plan:

As opposed to a much larger sales organization, where you could always fill cohorts of new managers with a somewhat-predictable number, there is always a dynamic and non-standard schedule of new people in role.

I have to believe that this is a common problem for all but the largest life sciences companies. Here’s where I’d like your input:

  1. Have you discovered any helpful approaches that allow for structured curriculum/training in an unpredictable environment?
  2. Have you worked with any vendors/consultants that have successfully helped tackle a scenario like this?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or via email at!

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