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Training the “Gamer” Generation

Last night, I attended an excellent presentation given by Dr. Karl Kapp, a familiar speaker on the training circuit (he gave a presentation last year at the SPBT conference). Dr. Kapp is a Professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University, a consultant on technology-based learning, an author…and a very good speaker.

He recently authored an excellent book (reviewed here) called Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning. A main thesis of the book is that young people who grew up as “digital natives” have quite different learning styles from those of us who grew up as “digital immigrants” (that is, we had to adopt computers and digital gadgetry later in life, as opposed to growing up surrounded with them.

So, a question for you, my readers – as you train the newest generation of learners in your sales training classes, what are you seeing as far as learning styles? Are you seeing increasing impatience with didactic learning? Addiction to multi-tasking? Readiness to question authority and find out information independently (and through informal networks)? Put your impressions in the Comments…

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