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Try Out the Random Vendor Generator!

Actually, don’t.

There’s too much of that going around. Picking from a group of providers that may or may not be best for the training project(s) you’re initiating.

It’s not harmful to use a random meme generator, but when eight out of every 10 dollars Pharma spends on commercialization is with outsource providers (TGaS Advisors), we can’t afford random vendor selection.

But, there’s a problem – how to select among those hundreds of agencies, consultants, and training companies? Who can vet all those vendors, and know what they do best?

That’s why you put Impactiviti on your speed dial.

We vet the training vendors, figuring out where they do their best work, and then make targeted recommendations to you. With 21 years of experience in the commercial training industry, we have the knowledge and the contacts you need.

Make one call – it’s free. That’s a whole lot easier than doing internet searches, gathering opinions from colleagues, sitting through capabilities presentations – and then still wondering whether you’ve found the optimal provider.

Set up a Connection Call with Steve Woodruff, and you’ll discover the best-kept secret in the industry – your shortcut to finding ideal partners. We’ll discuss your training needs together, and I’ll make intelligent, targeted (not random!) recommendations.

I have known Steve for many years and worked with him on a number of projects. He has a ton of experience and connections that he is able to leverage to help make your work together successful. Highly recommended! – Director of Training and Past President, LTEN

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